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Bass Interviews: This Is Eight

Introducing ‘This Is Eight’ they are a four-piece Brighton based Funk/Rock/Alt band comprised of four musicians; Kyra Phillips (Vocals), Harry Knowles (Guitar), Fred Parrott (Bass) and Sam Brent (Drums).

The ‘This Is Eight’ Interview:

How long have you been a working band for? With ‘This is Eight’ it has been 2 years. Kyra Joined up with us in September.

Who plays what in the band? Kyra sings, Harry plays the guitar and sings, Sam plays drums and Fred plays bass.

Do you all have Funk/ Rock / Alternative music roots? We draw a lot of inspiration with these genres, but we all have our own little tastes into other types of music ranging from radio pop to thrash metal.

In the past 6 months, what have you as a band been working towards? We have been working on our image as a band and have tried to sort out a logo and merch! A double-sided Single was being worked on but there was a HUGE mess up with the studio and it has resulted in us postponing the release until January.

Will this evolve into an E.P release? Now that we have time to plan a long way ahead, we are now in the process of planning a release show during January.

How do you all as a band approach the writing process? With writing it usually comes up with either a beat or a riff and it develops from there, but sometimes it can come from somebody writing lyrics. It requires a LOT of tea as well.

When you write, do you attempt to consciously guide the meanings of your songs or do you simply follow where it goes? Depending on how far we get with both of those techniques, we jump from either, as some of us find it easier writing one way or the other.

Do you gig often? Our next gig that is coming up is on the 8th of October at The Hope and Ruin in Brighton with One-Eyed Jacks, Blue Eyed Giants and Habana.

Will you be releasing any music videos orworking on doing any photo shoots? We have just recently done a photoshoot and have all the available pictures on our social media sites. We will also be releasing a music video in January to help promote our Single ‘Midnight Owl.’

Where can people go to listen to your music now? Do you have a SoundCloud? Currently we do not have our music up on Soundcloud, BUT! If you email us on our email we can put you on our list so that you can get exclusive access to some demo’s.

Within the next 6 months, where do you hope to be as a band and what do you hope to have achieved by then? In 6 months we hope to be a firmly established band within Brighton and hope to get a good name for ourselves. We will have merch and music for sale aswell which will help us connect more with the audience.

I don’t know if it is my eyesight but… Why did you come up with the name ‘This Is Eight’ when there isn’t exactly eight of you in the band? We are all really bad at coming up with a name for bands and always have been, and after we sat down for an hour combining two objects together to create a band name we decided to go onto a band name generator website and picked that!To find out more about ‘This Is Eight’ then click on the links below to keep yourselves updated:

‘This Is Eight’ Twitter

‘This Is Eight’ Facebook

Written By: Samantha McQueeney


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