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Bass Interviews: Jet Luckhurst

The year is starting off on the right note for singer/songwriter Jet Luckhurst, as has been given the opportunity to support the Pop Rock band ‘T’Pau’ on their ‘Pleasure and Pain Tour’ which will be setting off on the 22nd January at The Camberley Theatre in Surrey.

Read all about it here in the interview we were lucky enough to have with Jet Luckhurst.

Are you excited to be supporting ‘T’Pau’ on their ‘Pleasure and Pain’ Tour 2015?

It’s a massive honor to be heading out on the road with T’Pau although unsurprisingly it’s slightly daunting considering how many musical accolades they have.

How long have you been preparing for the tour?

The preparation began months ago as the tour was originally meant to take place in October, however for personal reasons Carol (Lead Singer) had to reschedule it for January, February and March. This has been invaluable, as I have had the ability to develop my live sound with the inclusion of keys player and fellow solo musician Jake Tindall.

Are there any venues on the tour that you are most excited to be playing at?

I’m excited to be playing some really great venues throughout the tour but the stand out one for me will be the City Hall in Salisbury. Firstly, I grew up just 40 miles away making it the closest thing to a hometown on the tour and secondly because it is my final date with T’Pau. I’m looking forward to seeing close friends and family at this show.

Do you think that the T’Pau audience will respond well to your style of music?

I try to write music that is as accessible as possible. I would love to think that each audience may find something they can relate to whether that be in my lyrics or general musical style. I think a lot of the acceptance element with an audience lays within the interaction and rapport, and I love talking to my audience to make the shows, in essence, more intimate.


Would you say that this tour could possibly open up doors for your musical career?

I’d like to think so! It’s a massive opportunity and being personally picked by the lead singer of a number one selling band to go on tour with them is hugely overwhelming and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Give the readers a brief history about you.

I started singing when I was around 8 or 9. I was obsessed with the idea of being in a boy band, however bands like Green Day and Nirvana inevitably pushed me towards Punk and Grunge where I found my feet as lead vocalist in my first band at the age of 12. I continued to perform in bands right through school and my early adult life along the way picking up the guitar and experimenting with songwriting. The rest is history.

What would you say are your main musical influences?

My influences over the years have continued to evolve however stand out figures that have greatly impacted me over the years have included: Ella Fitzgerald, The Beach Boys, Air, Imogen Heap, The Backstreet Boys, Kings Of Convenience, Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Green Day, The Used, Led Zeppelin and The Civil Wars.

Are there any challenges that you are facing as a musician in 2015?

A big challenge for me is keeping my music fresh, not for my audience but for me. I am studying songwriting full time at University which means my hobby is now my full time profession if you like. This can make it difficult to differentiate my passion from the mundane but University is also great for constant development, direction and for meeting influential people.

It is important for me to ask Jet about his approach to his songwriting because as a songwriter myself I find that everybody approaches their writing differently, and it is interesting to find out what those differences are. Personally I tend to spend more time on my lyrics rather than the music, but I know that a lot of songwriters find lyrics harder to think of and so the music element becomes more of a priority and more natural for them so they work hard on the music first of all and come to the lyrics much later.

Jet what initially got you into writing your own music?

Songwriting is very intimate. The freedom of being able to express myself through another means, in this case songwriting.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you write?

I take an initial theme and write around it. Inspiration can come from many places or experiences. If it’s interesting I’ll probably attempt to write about it in some way.

Do you make sure that your lyrics can stand alone away from the music or do they belong together?

I used to write poetry from a young age so initially, yes, however now they come together and the general theme and message of my songs whether that be lyrically or the arrangement are better understood together.

What comes first for you when you write a song?

Always the music and arrangement! The melody always has to be memorable. Once I have a melody, the lyrics can fit into place.

Where do you tend write your songs? Do you have a designated notebook or device?

I write my songs predominantly in solitude, on my own with no distractions. I record all my ideas on my mobile phone and laptop where I have thousands of voice recordings.

Go back to when you wrote ‘Blow Your House Down’ and talk me through the steps you took in order to get the finished product. What you wanted to achieve and how you went about it. Blow Your House Down was finalized whilst in the studio, it has a rocky feel to it and so experimenting with different instruments and themes allowed me to better grasp its overall premise. Once I had a catchy riff and melody I then decided on the idea of the song being about hate towards an individual and the rest developed almost by its self.

Give ‘Blow Your House Down’ a listen:

‘Blow Your House Down’ Video

Describe your sound?

My sound is Acoustic Pop Rock with percussive guitar elements. Think Ed Sheeran/Bruno Mars for the emotive and melodic nature of the vocals and lyrics with a hint of Newton Faulkner for the guitar technicality.

Having moved to Brighton and being amongst many like-minded and influential people would you say that your songwriting has improved?

I would say my attitude towards songwriting has improved. I have learnt many techniques that I was unaware of and settled into the role more. Working with like-minded people has enabled me to see it from the other side of the glass and thus better myself.

I wish Jet the best of luck on the tour and I really hope this opportunity will open up many more doors for his musical career in the future.

To find out more about Jet Luckhurst and his future gigs, follow the links below and keep yourselves updated on his progress in 2015:

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