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Bass Interview: Rooted


Well would you look at that, I’m back by popular demand…well…kind of…we’re not going to get into the technicalities of it all.

But it’s little ol’ me back to make another insightful, yet intriguing contribution to your knowledge gathered for the day. And let’s be honest, the information I have to share with you is the most imperative of the lot! I mean it could be a do or die situation, somewhere along the line someone could ask you a question regarding this entry that could cost you your life, this is me so I probably do have a cult somewhere in the world, that’s just the aura I emit. But not in a creepy, sacrificial cult, like when Ringo got that ring stuck on his finger then this weird religious cult tried to kidnap him…why do you all look so blank? You know the film ‘Help’ right? With a little band called The Beatles in it? NO?! Why do I try sometimes?

Guess I’ll move on then. So little over a year ago Treble With The Bass got in touch with a band called Rooted. Remember them? If you’re having a moment of amnesia pop over to the original blog entry, after all you all read it because, even though it wasn’t my terrific writing, it was still a riveting read! Well Treble gave me the tremendous responsibility of catching up with them to see how this year has treated them, how things are going, if they encountered any dark arts to help them on their way to success, ya know…the usual antics.

So ladies and gentlemen, welcome back Rooted to the stage.

It’s almost been a year since your first appearance on TWTB, March 2015! So you can’t tell me nothing has happened between then and now. So what’s the latest gossip with Rooted? What mischief have you been getting yourselves into?

Beth: It’s been such a crazy year! So many ups and downs. Just after our last interview we had our EP launch which was a huge success, and after that the 3 of us were gigging like crazy and doing promo, videos, fundraising, reviews, interviews, photoshoots, busking… anything to get Rooted into the public eye. Things took a bit of a turn when I had a hip and spine injury in the Autumn, and although things went a bit quiet for our fans, the 2nd half of the year we were still so busy writing our new material together, introducing our new 4th member into the band, making everything polished and really figuring out what Rooted was going to become, and how we were going to get there. I can definitely say the Rooted that’s gigging now is not the same one you heard a year ago.

Ouch, that sounds painful. Hope all is well now! In the last interview you said you were still “developing Rooted’s sound” how has it evolved over the past year?

Ryan: Since we last spoke, a lot has gone on in terms of ‘finding our sound’. We spent a lot of last year gigging and finding things out for ourselves. After a lot of discussions we decided that what we were missing was a 4th member as something was clearly missing. We started looking for another guitarist to help thicken our sound when we play live.

So needing to “thicken your live sound” is what ignited the process to find a new member?

Ryan: It took us a while to come to the conclusion that we needed a 4th member simply because we loved Rooted as a 3 piece. However we all agreed that we needed a bigger and fuller sound to really give the songs the power they needed and to really do them justice.

The results really speak for themselves… Since we’ve bought Scott in we’re getting bigger and better gigs and we’ve now got weekly gigs right across the south coast!

Well a little birdy did tell us that the practice rooms been a bit crowded lately, tell us about the fourth edition to the Rooted family?

Beth: It was a very careful decision to add our new member: Guitarist Scott Carty, to our band that we’re so precious about, but as soon as we got the ball rolling with him we knew it was the right decision: He’s the perfect puzzle piece to getting the new sound we’ve been looking for.

Hmm “perfect puzzle pieces” are difficult to find when it comes to band dynamic. Especially when its adding an member to an established band. How did you know Scott Carty was the one?

Beth: He compliments the band so well, our guitar styles fit together perfectly. While I’m all about the earthy, bluesy riffs and big crunchy chords, Scott’s skilled at these ethereal lead lines that immediately give the angry, grungy songs this melodic sophistication. And when we hit the choruses all as one it turns into this amazing full wall of sound that always makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It’s like we didn’t know that the music was missing something until he just slipped right into that empty space

You mentioned regular gigs along the South coast, any key dates we all should pencil into our diaries?

Ryan: We’ve got a lot planned for this year, which we’re keeping under our hats at the moment… All I can say is pay close attention to our pages and you’ll soon be hearing about the huge news!

You also mentioned Southern Tour in the last blog, what was your favourite venue to play in?

Ryan: We’ve played in some fantastic venues so far… I’d have to say my personal favourite is Proud Camden. We played there as part of an all-day gig with ‘Who Runs The World’ promotions. We were on a bill with some fantastic artists playing to a full room of music fans which was great!

We’ll keep our eyes glued on you then! You mentioned about a Kickstarter Campaign last year, care to share how that has gone? Or if you’re about to start it? In general shed some light on the subject?

Beth: We did the Kickstarter campaign last summer, and fundraised half of the money that we needed. Our fans have been very understanding of the fact that we’ve been scraping together the rest of the money ourselves, and that my injury put the brakes on the process for a while, but we’re back on track and will be recording the promised EP at the end of April.

Well Since releasing your debut EP what’s been a crowd favourite?

Beth:  By far the most positive response we’ve got is from the new material we’ve been writing since then, which is now in our live set, and is to be recorded in April. We love the material from our debut EP, but I agree with our fans that our new material has more of an edge, and an individuality to it: So far the most positive responses has been for the songs called Whiskey, and Vultures, (which is my favourite) Vultures is going to be the 1st single to be released after we go into the studio.

Well folks that’s Rooted, as they said keep an eye on their page as big things are coming their way! No doubt they well be making more appearances on here so keep your eyes glued to good ol’ TWTB too.

Until next time,

Unpleasant Dreams. Rebel Yell.

Written By: Rebel Yell


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