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Bass Interview: Mi’das-All Inside Your Head Album


One of our favourite artists is back and with exciting news! Mi’das is releasing his brand new album All Inside Your Head early 2016 and his single Feels Like Only Yesterday is out now!. We had a lovely catch up on what the album will entail and exactly what Mi’das has been up to since our last conversation together. And I will tell you now, he has been a very busy guy.

It has been a little while since we’ve spoken last. So tell us…what have you been up to? What news do you have for us? Yes it has been a little while! Well I’ve been doing lots and lots of shows in the UK and just trying to get the word out there. Aside from that recording the upcoming album, which has been an undertaking!

So a brand new album huh…‘All Inside Your Head’. Tell us Mi’das what is ‘All Inside Your Head’ with this album?

Pretty wide ranging really! It covers alot of the things I have confronted in the last few years. Challenges with love and life and alot inbetween. It is definatley a soul based album, it comes from a place thats inspired by my passion for souful songwriting of all kinds.

When will people be able to purchase the album and from where?

The best I can say is that the album will be out in early 2016 so keep your eyes peeled! It’ll availble at all the usual major digital stores and streaming services.

 Your single was released on 16th October 2015. What made you choose ‘Feels Like Only Yesterday’ to be your first single? 

It was pretty much the first demo from the album and dictated alot of the direction. I thought it was a good statement to encapsulate what I wanted to get across with this release. In terms of its role in the album, it is one of the songs that bridges the gap between the ‘songy’ songs and the groove/soul based songs, if you know what i mean?!

Did you write solo on the album? 

Alot of the songs have been a long time in the making but have been re-approached production wise, some have changed beyond regocnition aside from the lyrics and main theme. I also have a few songs that were originally written by Nathan Williams (The Producer) on there as I love his writing.

Who did you work with when creating the album? 

As I have mentioned my friend and amazing fellow musician Nathan Williams is the producer on the album. Also a very talented engineer called Russ Hayes helped us track the live drum tracks and my good friend Jarrod Pizzata (Drummer/ Engineer) also shared his talents and helped out.

Does this album spark a tour of some kind? 

I have few dates left this year in London, Manchester and Brighton and the best place to check those is probably on my website. Aside from that I am currently in plans for the shows next year around the album release and as I say this will hopefully include some European shows too.

How do you hope people will respond to the album?

Favroubly! Ha! I would say that I guess! I hope it’s a grower for people and they keep discovering things in it and living with the songs. The songs mean a hell of a lot to me and I definately don’t take it lightly, although that being said I have attempted to inject a bit of lightness on some songs this time around to balance out my introspective writing style.

Describe the album using three words…

Soulful, Heartfelt, Songs!

Written By: Samantha McQueeney

To find out more about Mi’das and his upcoming news and gigs, then follow the links below:

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