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Bass Interview: Jamie Yost 'Aurora'

Over Christmas we happened to stumble upon one of the most infectious voices we have ever heard-Jamie Yost. We found him busking on the freezing cold Torquay town centre street and we could not help but be magnetised towards stopping to watch him. We decided to interview Jamie Yost to find out more about the talented singer-songwriter…


Tell us about who Jamie Yost is using three words…

Indie Folk Singer-songwriter

What first drew you to the world of music and songwriting?

I have always been a little drawn to music. From an early age I loved big powerful voices and then when I was about 17 I stumbled across Ben Howard who’s songwriting and playing style inspired me to pick up the guitar.

Where do you mostly draw your writing inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from past experiences and introspection.

You had a very productive year in 2018 with the release of both your debut EP ‘Aurora’ in April and single ‘Runaway’ in November that is setting the tone for a brand-new EP release this year.

Tell us what ‘Aurora’ was like to write and record…

Aurora was easy to write but quite a challenge to create in the studio. I had a lot of songs for the EP but I struggled picking which should go on. As the debut I put a lot of pressure on myself trying to make it the best it possibly could be. It was a massive learning process, that came with a lot of highs and lows. If you know me well you’ll know I suffer from some pretty bad sinus issues year round that cause a lot of vocal problems and led to the EP taking a lot longer than it should have. But I’m happy enough with the result. I tend to just look forward now and try to put less pressure on the new stuff.

Describe what new listeners can expect from ‘Aurora’ …

Listeners can expect some indie folk driven tracks that reflect on how I felt at different times in my life. Violins, ambient guitar, delay and a lot of fingerpicking.

Runaway is a very strong single but what exactly did this track take to get to the finished product that we hear today?

Runaway came about quite quickly. After the release of Aurora I was sitting on a lot of material that already felt old so I thought it was best to try and get some of it out. I worked with local Musician and producer Jack Cookson to create the studio version of the track and it seemed like it was a very easy flowing process. He’s an incredible musician and it was really nice to have someone to go back and forth with adding ideas to the sound. Everything was pretty much done in a matter of a few sessions and ready for release.

Is ‘Runaway’ setting the tone for the new EP? What can we expect from the new EP?

The sound on Runaway is definitely a step in the right direction. I have another track recorded with Jack which is pretty much finished and will be ready to release around March time. As far as an EP goes I have the track listing but I think I’m going to continue release a couple more singles prior that are songs I feel don’t really have a home.

Have you got any gigs or tours lined up for 2019?

Last year was full of gigs and tours and I’d love to do the same straight out of the gates but I think I’m going to spend the first half of 2019 focussing on recording the next record. Im also working on a collaborative side project “Drakes Island” and we’re just about to drop the first single in February. We already have a good few festivals lined up and most probably a south west tour in the summer. The next gig will be a Sunday session at Revolutions Torquay on the 17th of Feb and then Rockets and Rascals in Plymouth on the 22nd of February.

What has been your biggest peak of 2018 musically?

2018 was full of highlights. I think having a sold out show at the Barbican Theatre for my EP launch was probably the biggest. But also supporting Brit Award Nominee Beth Rowley and playing The Never Fade Records sessions at The Social were up there.

If you could give a new songwriter some advice what would it be?

Work hard at your craft. Take inspiration from anywhere and anything. Don’t be afraid to cross boundaries. Never settle for anything you’re not proud of.

Find out more about Jamie Yost by clicking on the links below!

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