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Bass Interview: Haiden ‘Somebody Better’

Introducing Haiden, the Brighton based artist taking the scene by storm with his latest single ‘Somebody Better’ remixed by Thomas Godel. Influenced by the likes of Kygo, The Chainsmokers, Clean Bandits and Calvin Harris, you can guarantee that his tracks have infectious hooks and grooves to keep you up at night. Read our interview with Haiden to find out more about what makes this artist who he is today.

I have read that you define your tracks as having “an electronic soul” what does this mean to you? 

Meaning that I strive to render my songs as musical and melodical as possible, without overly worrying about the so called “never heard before” effect or sound. I love synthesisers and create the sound I need but the notes will have to speak for themselves. If my songs get played on a violin or harpsichord they would sound like real organic songs. The soul is there but in an electronic way. I hear a lot songs so technically perfect but missing that soul thing, the juice, their inner core is poisoned with the wanting to make something unique but in doing so something is lost. It’s simple, close your eyes and when hearing a good tune, you should be able to see something. 

How do you want your audience to be left feeling after hearing one of your tracks? 

I’d like them to feel goose bumps. Which is a natural reaction of the body when it encounters something overwhelming, unexpected and unexplainable. And that’s what I feel at times when writing and producing my songs. 

Out of all of your musical idols and inspirations, who stands out amongst the crowd as being the catalyst to why you are a songwriter today? It’s hard to say as I was writing music and lyrics way before remembering any famous singer songwriter, I’ve been educated classically and listened to tons of classical music but if I had to pick a band that made me want to go the extra mile that would be Oasis.

Your track ‘Somebody Better’ can you describe how you came to formulate this track… 

The track has been remixed by Thomas Godel, the original which is still EDM has come originally by piano, after a few chords the first verse appeared. Then all the other instruments came along. 

How did you formulate the composition? 

Same above, by piano first which is in fact present in the original one. 

Where did you lyrically draw inspiration from? 

Unrequited love. 

This track was remixed by Thomas Godel was this an in the room collaboration?

No but he’s music style, is very similar to mine. 

Writing wise where do you typically draw inspiration from? 

I like to write about simple things that usually people tend to take for granted. Usually about what I need, want or hate in the heat of moment. Sometimes I let the melody take me in places I may otherwise miss so a particular melody may force me to write down certain words without any sense that may become important for the finish product. 

Do you have any upcoming gigs where people can come and see you?

Unfortunately I’ve already turned down two gig offers because I don’t have a clue how to perform my songs on my own, produced as they are now and I wouldn’t just play them on a guitar or piano. Might need the aid of a DJ that plays the tune while I’m singing. Working progress. 

What is your first memory of music? 

That will have to be classical music, Mozart The Magic Flute and Beethoven “The Pastoral”. 

If you could give a budding new musician any advice as they start the journey into the industry, what would it be? Learn how to produce your own music with a computer, many musicians still don’t know how to do this and therefore they are not in complete control of their own vision, it is very dangerous to rely on other professional producers as they may create something entirely different that may sell or may not, at least if you are the one who is doing it you have only yourself to blame. Knowing how to do it, will also become useful for potential collaborations. 

To find out more about Haiden his latest releases, upcoming gigs and more please follow the links below to keep yourselves informed:

Haiden Website Hiden Facebook Haiden Instagram Haiden Twitter Haiden Soundcloud Haiden YouTube

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