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Bass Interview: Egomunk

Anonymous musician Egomunk has celebrated reaching over 300,000 free downloads by releasing an abstract animated music video for his track ‘My T.V’ from his ‘Footsteps to Mars’ album released last year. We were lucky enough to have been able to interview Egomunk on his album and the video that has just been released.

Do you find being an anonymous artist challenging in any way? I always set out to release this particular album anonymously so I was aware of the challenges involved. I hoped the album would be strong enough to stand-alone and I am really proud that I have had over 300,000 downloads to date. I am considering gigs in the future but still working out how to perform these anonymously.

How long did the album ‘Footsteps to Mars’ take to produce all in all? The album took 18 months being recorded in London and LA and produced in Abbey Road Studios.

Was ‘Footsteps to Mars’ a self-produced album? Egomunk is a collective and we have a number of producers on the team who all do an amazing job.

Creativity is obviously very important to you, but do you not feel that your hard work, time and maybe even money that goes into creating your work, should be rewarded especially now that you’ve got yourself a great loyal following? For this album, it wasn’t about making money it was purely an endeavor upon which I wanted to share my music with people with similar taste. I am not in anyway against artists making money for their work, in-fact I feel they should be rewarded.

Do you think you will ever show your audience who you are? No. It’s not about who I am. The face behind this album is unimportant.

You crowd sourced your video for ‘The Patient’ of which there was a £500 prize. Have you continued to do that for ‘My TV’? No, ‘My TV’ was created by a brilliant artist who was behind the creation of the Sea Snow video. The competition, Egoview will be reopening later in the year as I loved the creativity of the fans that entered.

Can you tell us about the ‘My TV’ video? The inspiration for the video came from the music itself. The song is deceptively simple and at first listen innocent. However, there is a slightly ominous undertone to it which reminded me of a Tim Burton movie. A stop-frame animated character seemed to fit the atmosphere of the track so work began on building a character that would suit. Attempts at a practical puppet failed so I began looking for alternative ways of putting it together. The idea was to try and make the character look like it was built with real materials and for the animation to resemble traditional stop motion animation.

How long did the video take to create? It was quite a long process, as we wanted to get all our key messages across. The actual technical specification of the video was quite challenging and rendering the images was very time consuming.

Are there underlying messages in the video? Yes. The key message that runs throughout the entire album is one of conformity, over consumerism and the pressures of society. This video looks at all of these and hopefully gives the audience an insight into the depths of the album.

How would you describe the video using three words? Eerie. Artistic. Powerful.

How would you describe your sound? I don’t think my music can be restricted into one genre. It has elements of rock, indie and folk with an alternative twist.

What is the main goal for you as an artist? Because you’re not aiming to play the O2 arena…unless you are? Who knows! I have some new tracks coming out soon and I will be recording another album. I am already exploring live performances and I would like to continue to build a community of musicians and artists who have the same ideologies as me.

Watch the ‘My T.V’ video here now!!!

To find out more about Egomunk and to download his free debut album ‘Footsteps to Mars’, then click on the links below:

Egomunk Website and Album Download Egomunk Bandcamp Egomunk Facebook Egomunk Twitter


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