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Bass Interview: DAN X-Hit & Run Debut Single


London based singer-songwriter DAN-X has hit the scene with his dramatic video for his debut single Hit & Run.  If this a taster for what is to come from the incredibly talented DAN-X then I am certain that he will take the world by storm.

Your debut single Hit & Run has just released its music video. What was important for you to capture when coming up with video concepts and what is the video showing in terms of lyrical narrative? 

I really wanted to keep it as simple as possible but still keep my viewers engaged. I was trying to capture an intense relationship that I went through previously where we were either great with each other or tore each other down. There was no in-between.

Who did you work with when coming to write and record this track? 

Myself and singer/songwriter John Galea are always writing together and we happened to come up with this after John played a couple of chords. We left after the writing session knowing that we had to get some good production behind it and record it.

Tell us how long it took to write Hit & Run…did it take a long time to get it perfect or did it just flow out naturally?

We wrote the bulk of the song in about an hour, but I always go home and listen over and over again making slight changes. I always re-visit my work. It’s so important to have fresh ears when listing to the track. There has been so many times when I’ve written a song late at night and thought it was amazing, woken up to find its actually not so good [laughs].

Is Hit & Run a sneaky peak of setting the tone for maybe an E.P or Album to come very soon?

I definitely want to release a body of work such as an E.P in the future. Hit & Run is definitely where I am right now sonically.

What will fans expect to find when you do eventually release an E.P or Album in the future?

Expect me to be brutally honest. I can never lie in songs, so everything you hear is coming from past experiences.

Did it take a long time for you to find your sound?

Since I was little I’ve always loved a song with a great hook. Something a large group of people can sing together and relate to. The feeling of unity when performing live is what I live for. I’ve grown up listening to so many different artists so each one of them has probably had influence on my music somehow.


Will you be doing any gigs, support dates or even a tour soon or next year?

I will be showcasing around London through December till March whilst still working in the studio and hopefully working with great people you can check out my live dates on my Facebook Page.

What artists and songwriters have been your main influences when coming to find your own sound and writing style?

I love Sia. She has no rules which is so important for me. She writes so fluently and fits medleys and lyrics together like they were always meant to be… even if its technically sung she will make anything sound great.

If you could tour with any artist who would it be and why?

I would love to tour with Charli XCX mainly because I think we’d party all the time. Years & Years would be great again I just think we’d get on really well and I can imagine our audiences are similar. We can’t forget Tove Lo. This girls album has to be my favourite from 2015

Tell us about DAN-X…

DAN-X is an extension of myself. My real last name is Crossley, which is mainly where I got the X from. I love the idea of the ‘X’ being the spot on the map or the highest pinnacle in my life. Where I am most happy. DAN-X loves a live show. It’s the main reason I do what I do. To see people relating to something you’ve written is amazing. Expect a heavy live sound and for me to completely lose myself in the music.

What would you say, has been your greatest musical accomplishment so far and what would you hope could top it in the future?

In all honesty it has to be finding my voice and knowing my sound. there is no better accomplishment than knowing who you are as an artist.

Do you play any instruments?

I play guitar and piano mainly to help me when writing a song. I chose not play them though because I kinda get distracted.

Would you say the music you were exposed to whilst growing up, has any impact on you now as a performer and artist? 

If we’re taking it back to the roots of my early music listening I would say I’ve gained influence from Stevie Wonder’s soul crossed with Kate Bush’s artistic confidence. I’m not afraid to step over lines and I really don’t have boundaries  but everything i do will always be honest and come from my soul.

To find out more about DAN-X then click on the links below and keep yourselves updated:

DAN-X Facebook

DAN-X Twitter

DAN-X SoundCloud



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